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I like The Laundress for gentle cleaning supplies. I also rarely use the dryer and air-dry almost everything -- lingerie, jeans, workout clothes. I really only use the dryer for pajamas and socks.

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And finally, when it's winter, it's so important to wipe your boots when you get home! Salt will really do a number on them. Read More. I mostly buy one item at a time to maximize the happiness I get out of purchases. There is research showing that happiness relies on the frequency, not the intensity, of the positive input you receive. Servo : If you take these bikers internally, do not induce vomiting.

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Crow : Nah, the movie'll do that for you. Like an ipecac. Joel : An epa— oh, that Genesis album? Joel [as Adman] : You beat the stuffing out of three preppies and given away the girl, but before the day is through, you'll take enough drugs to kill a horse.

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Now, it's Miller Time! Erik Estrada! Lost Continent [ edit ] [A quick shot of a rocket on a launch pad. A V-2!

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Tom : Aw, I could've had a V8! Native Girl : [nervously] Nooo! Crow [as Native Girl] : Me no got lead sarong. Native Girl : Sacred mountain taboo!

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  • Katie to bear Tom’s child in silence;
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  • No one ever come back from home of god! Joel [as Native Girl] : Besides, you guys not see woman in long time. Servo : Sidehackers. Is that like Mack the Knife? Joel : No, I think it's about a dog that changed its name.

    I compared DeLonge's claims from two years ago with the New York Times's bombshell UFO report.

    Crow [as Magee] : If you kill yourself here, you can't kill them over there. Commissioner Magee : …and maim our fellow countrymen, without malice, without hatred, without thinking. Would you wake up?! Come on! Crow [as Narrator] : Called "Blood Alley. Joel [as Narrator] : It made you feel happy. Joel [as Narrator] : Let's watch the fun! The joke will be on Joe! As the cars approach each other, he plugs his ears, and closes his eyes tightly just before impact. King Dinosaur movie [ edit ] [Two "scientists" are watching a "menacing" iguana T. Bennett : Oh Ralph, what is it?! Crow : [yelling] It's an iguana, now shut up!

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    • The Lost Prince.
    • Gruvi working off the "Kook" status.
    • First Spaceship on Venus [ edit ] [Brinkman runs up to Dr. Sumiko, a female Asian crewmember, before the flight. Sumiko : Brinkman! Joel [as Brinkman] : Yeah, you used to be a Swedish man! A rockslide showers Brinkman and Sumiko. Sikarna gives a long boring exposition] Crow : Well, that's very interesting, but does it belong in the script? Godzilla vs. On shore, Goro glances at Jinkawa. The rocket! Servo : [Snorts] Rockets! Crow : On a picnic? Rokuro : Help me! Hurry up! Joel : Hey, you're in no position to make demands, kid!

      Star vs the forces of evil (S04E04B) - Lake house fever - (legendado) - parte 2

      Servo : Yep! Crow [as Picnicker] : Well, let's go on a picnic. Let's see, we got our food, beverages, and 50 feet of uncoiled rope… [Goro, Jinkawa, and Rok-san return to the laboratory. Our most valuable resource? He's a maniac! A maniac! And he's dancing like he's never danced before! He's a steel town boy on a Saturday Willard] : Saigon. I can't believe I'm in a model of Saigon. Servo : [Sarcastically] No, it's another superhero of your own design! Goro : They're controlling him. Rok-san : It's a pity we can't send Jet Jaguar to go and get Godzilla!

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      Crow : Yeah, it's a pity we can't kill you and get away with it! Joel : Um, no. Servo : Not this kid. Crow : He's got a foreign object! Servo : He is a foreign object!

      And I'm all out of sushi. The latter stands over him, gloating. I expect you to die! Servo : Oh, very good, guys. Uh, kind of a James Bond thing there. Your father was a lizard!