The Peak: A Hunters Tale

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This is hardly the only time that Idahoans have found new orange fence posts — indicating closed lands — and no explanation on property owned by the Wilks. In recent years, the Wilks brothers have purchased and then closed off tens of thousands of acres across northern Idaho. Many of these acres were historically used by hunters, anglers, snowmobilers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

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Hunters are similarly frustrated in Montana, where the Wilks own approximately , acres of property. Earlier this year, the Wilks brothers built nine miles of fence that illegally encroached onto public property.

The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale - Drown [Three Days Grace]

With reclamation currently underway , hunters worry that the construction will interfere with the peak of archery elk season. The Wilks brothers offer a cautionary tale to all who enjoy access to the outdoors: hunters, snowmobilers, four-wheelers, hikers, and bikers alike. An extreme movement associated with the likes of Ammon Bundy who led armed standoff at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge would like to see American public lands — owned by all of us — turned over to private landowners.

Their message has even received some attention in the mainstream. William Boyd.

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The Peak: A Hunters Tale

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