Sonata No. 25 in G Minor (Flute Part)

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Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Symphonie No. Login: or Your pseudo: Your password:. They are:. Each of the four sections or movements also has a particular form. The first and fourth Allegro movements are written in sonata form.

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Can you hear two different themes introduced by the orchestra at the beginning of these movements that Mozart develops in different ways throughout the movement, and then returns to at the end of the movement? This kind of compositional development is characteristic of classical sonata form. The third movement is a three part dance form called a minuet and trio. Can you hear themes in the first part of this movement, then a contrasting section, and then the sounds repeated from the first section again?

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This particular dance minuet was not intended for people to dance to. Why would it be difficult to dance to this particular minuet? How many performers are playing onstage? What string instruments do you hear violin, viola, cello, double bass? Can you pick out other instruments?

Which ones? Mozart wrote this symphony for two oboes, two bassoons, four horns, and string instruments. How does Mozart use tempo the speed of the music , dynamics the volume of the music , and expression musical elements that express certain feelings or dispositions to create different moods? Can you hear how Mozart creates dramatic music in the Sturm und Drang Storm and Stress style with contrasting tempos and dynamics and sudden changes in tempo and dynamics?

Can you hear dramatic dynamic changes in the fourth and final movement? Dan you hear the first movement being loudly?

Symphony No.40 in G minor, K.550 (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus)

What kinds of dynamics do you hear in the second, slow movement? The third dance movement? Which movements use mostly fast music? Which movement uses mostly slower music?

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Can you hear when the tempo of the music changes and gets faster or slower? How does that affect the mood of the work? When do you hear music played loudly? When does the volume of the music change?

When does the music get louder crescendo or get quieter decrescendo? Do you hear musical sounds that are short sounding staccato or very smooth sounding legato? Where do you hear suddenly loud sounds accents?

ABRSM Flute Grade 6 (2018-2021)

Do you hear sections that have a steady rhythm or beat that you could tap to? The opening movement begins with a repeated syncopated off-the-beat 5 note pattern heard in the violins and violas. Can you hear the oboes play four long notes over the syncopated patterns? Syncopated rhythmic patterns are a feature of the Sturm und Drang style.

Can you hear syncopated rhythms return in the final, fourth movement? Can you hear any repeated rhythmic patterns in other movements? Did any particular rhythmic pattern stand out for you that you could listen for in this symphony? Do you hear high sounds or pitches? Do you hear low sounds or pitches? Can you hear when a melody suddenly jumps much higher?

go Do you hear the large leaps in the melody and the jagged melodic themes associated with the Sturm und Drang style in the first and fourth movements? Do the melodies heard in this first movement sound familiar to you? You may have heard this first movement played in the opening of the film Amadeus.

Can you pick out two contrasting themes in the first and fourth movements? Can you pick out other melodies or themes in each of the four movements?