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The Greatest Captain of His Age: Remembering General Winfield Scott

In the presidential election , Buchanan defeated John C. Buchanan proved incapable of healing sectional divides, and some leading Southerners became increasingly vocal in their desire to secede from the union. Scott reached an agreement with British official James Douglas to reduce military forces on the islands, thereby resolving the so-called " Pig War. In the presidential election , the Republicans nominated Abraham Lincoln , while the Democrats split along sectional lines, with Northern Democrats supporting Senator Stephen A.

Lincoln won the election, taking just 44 percent of the popular vote but winning a majority of the electoral vote due to his support in the North. Floyd to reinforce federal forts in the South. He was initially ignored, but Scott gained new influence within the administration after Floyd was replaced by Joseph Holt in mid-December. Black , Scott convinced Buchanan to reinforce or resupply Washington, D.

Meanwhile, several Southern states seceded, formed the Confederate States of America , and chose Jefferson Davis as president. Mather, to ask whether Scott would remain loyal to the United States and keep order during Lincoln's inauguration. Scott responded to Mather, "I shall consider myself responsible for [Lincoln's] safety. If necessary, I shall plant cannon at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue , and if any of the Maryland or Virginia gentlemen who have become so threatening and troublesome show their heads or even venture to raise a finger, I shall blow them to hell.

By the time Lincoln assumed office, seven states had declared their secession and had seized federal property within their bounds, but the United States retained control of the military installations at Fort Sumter and Fort Pickens. Nonetheless, he remained a key military adviser and administrator. On the advice of Scott, Lincoln offered Robert E.

Lee command of the Union forces, but Lee ultimately chose to serve the Confederacy. Scott took charge of molding Union military personnel into a cohesive fighting force. By cutting off the eastern states of the Confederacy, Scott hoped to force the surrender of Confederate forces with a minimal loss of life on both sides.

Scott's plan was leaked to the public, and was derided by most Northern newspapers, which tended to favor an immediate assault on the Confederacy. The Confederate army dealt the Union a major defeat, ending any hope of a quick end to the war. McDowell took the brunt of public vituperation for the defeat at Bull Run, but Scott, who had helped plan the battle, also received criticism. After retiring, Scott traveled to Europe with his daughter, Cornelia, and her husband, H. In , Scott sent a copy of his newly-published memoirs to Ulysses S.

Grant, who had succeeded Halleck as the lead Union general. The copy that Scott sent was inscribed, "from the oldest to the greatest general. Scott died at the West Point on May 29, Meade, George H. Thomas , and John Schofield. He is buried at the West Point Cemetery. Scott holds the record for the greatest length of active service as general in the U.

Army, [] as well as the longest tenure as the army's chief officer. Lee wrote, "the great cause of our success [in Mexico] was in our leader [Scott]. Soares Jr. But from him I learned that the warrior only it is, who can fully appreciate the blessing of peace. In addition to his reputation as a tactician and strategist, Scott's career was also noteworthy for his concern about the welfare of his subordinates, as demonstrated by his willingness to risk his career in the dispute with Wilkinson over the Louisiana bivouac site. Scott has been memorialized in numerous ways.

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Scott is one of very few U. Army generals to be honored on a U. Scott's papers can be found at the William L. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Winfield Scott disambiguation. Not to be confused with Winfield Scott Hancock.

Winfield Scott

John Tyler James K. Virginia Militia United States Army. See battles. See also: Origins of the War of Further information: Presidency of James Madison. Further information: Presidency of Andrew Jackson. Further information: Trail of Tears. Further information: Presidency of John Tyler. Further information: Presidency of James K. Further information: Presidency of Abraham Lincoln. He later published an autobiography that was strongly critical of Scott. Gaines argued for regular commissions, because Scott and Gaines were both officially promoted to colonel on March 12, , and brigadier general on March 9, and Gaines's name appeared before Scott's on those orders.

Scott argued for brevets, because he received his brevet promotion to major general on July 25, , three weeks earlier than Gaines's, which was dated August When the group received word of Harrison's victory, Clay blamed his loss on Scott and struck him, with the blow landing on the shoulder which had been wounded during Scott's participation in the Battle of Lundy's Lane. Afterwards Clay had to be physically removed from the hotel room. Scott then sent Crittenden to Clay with Scott's challenge for a duel, but Crittenden reconciled them by convincing Clay to apologize.

Army officers to hold the rank of lieutenant general, although Washington held the rank as a permanent, rather than brevet, appointment.

The Winfield Scott Memorial

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