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If you dream about having lunch with a group of children, you are viewing the childlike qualities that remain with you. A dream filled with angels corresponds to your most spiritual nature. You can glean hidden insight from these wonderful sleepy-time excursions with your personas. Perhaps you need to pay more attention to that childlike essence, artistic nature, or spiritual side. If you listen carefully to these lively characters, they will lead you towards wholeness, balance, and regeneration. The symbols that we dream about have significance as well.

If you dream about traveling in a red car to a house with a blue door, mind the details. What do the colors red and blue mean to you? A door may symbolize making a transition in your life. Are you on your way to enter this new phase?

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Think about each element in the dream and see how it resonates. Are there any feelings attached with these objects? Are they real memories from your conscious life? If so, what do they represent? We call this process unpacking the dream images. Find how the images traverse the actual lines of your life. What do you remember? Often dream images will unlock memories from our childhood. Perhaps our earliest memories. What a blessing this is when it happens.

Imagine that psyche is presenting you with something you forgot even existed. Maybe it was your old crusty sled or the wisp of a feather you held in your hand. Remember, it is appearing in your dream for a reason. I had a dream in that changed my life. I was going through a rough spell, and felt disillusioned and lost.

In the dream I was sitting in a large cavern inside a mountain. The walls were aglow with lanterns and the floor was painted with a large intricate mandala. I sat across from a young Dalai Lama who bowed his head in prayer. He looked up and told me that he had been expecting me. He extended his hands and adorned me with wooden beads.

Old Man's Dreaming

You are perfect and whole and need nothing more. I am always here for you and will never turn my back. My love is eternal and I have put it inside of you. You know these things but I am here to help you remember. Try not to forget this again. I felt so blessed to be reminded of these sacred teachings.

I felt free again and full of spiritual energy. And then The Dalai Lama got up and led me through a cave to the side of a mountain. As we looked down in to the snow-filled valley we heard the howls of a pack of wild animals. This was an archetypal dream as I visited with a divine being who showed me the way. I had always admired wolves for their sense of family and determination.

There is an ominous nature to them that is characterized by their powerful and majestic presence. So many wolves have been affected by severe climate changes in recent years. I thought about the artificial corrosion of their natural habitat and the depletion of their food and resources. Soon after I had this dream I quit my job as a producer in the film industry to go back to school to get a masters degree in psychology. When I graduated I began to work with marginalized families that were suffering from deprivation and poverty.

I realized that I was now helping people who shared many of the characteristics of wolves.

2. Dream of Fire and How We Feel

My dream had actualized into my waking life. Dreams have been a source of inspiration for me and many of my clients. I encourage you to keep a dream journal on your bedside table. As you wake up with dream images fresh in your mind, write them down.

Just a few images will help you drop back into the dream when you revisit it at a later time. Dreams are important and happen to us for a reason: Listen to them with excitement and curiosity. They will help you to understand yourself in a deeper and more honest way. Losing teeth: This is a dream you may have when moving through a transition in life, i.

What does man dreams mean? - Dream Meaning

Embrace the change! Falling: This is a dream you may have when you are feeling overwhelmed. Maybe you have taken on too much and need to slow down. Take care of yourself. People You Know: When you dream about people you know it is only natural to interpret this at face value.

What Does It Means To Dream about a Man - Dream Stop

This is not the case. Remember that the people in your dreams represent aspects of yourself. If you dream about a close friend, then think about their strongest character traits. If you think of them as being humble then you are dreaming about the humble side of yourself.

Flying: This can be a wonderful or scary dream. Losing Someone: This is another unsettling dream.

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We tend to be afraid that we will never find them again. If you dream that you are losing your child it refers to ignoring those childlike qualities in yourself. So, play more and stop being such a grown-up. If you lose your spouse there may be a need for you to address the masculine or feminine energy that pulses through you. Remember, you are the perfect blend of both. Being Chased: This can be a frightening dream, often demonstrating that some unresolved part of your personality needs attention.

Perhaps you are being dishonest with someone or are ignoring something that has been difficult to admit. This is a shadow dream and whatever chases you is simply an unwanted aspect of yourself. Do not ignore this or it will get bigger. If you feel you cannot move and are stuck this means that you feel helpless and are not sure how to address the issue.

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Do not worry—this is not a premonition that your death is near. These dreams refer to a part of yourself having a symbolic death. What in your life that is slowly slipping away? Is it your anger or your lust? Is it your dream of becoming an actress? You are saying good-bye to something you have known.

This can actually be a good thing as you may be losing something that was not serving you anymore.