Change Your Encodements, Your DNA, Your Life!

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Thank you so much. The possibilities are endless.

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Quite Mind blowing actually. I wish I had learned this decades ago.


I am very grateful. You will learn:. What a wonderful way to begin your New Year! Think of it Plus 6 Group Remote Healing Sessions followed up with an email telling you what she has addressed in the Healing Session.

Change Your Encodements, Your DNA, Your Life! by Cathy Chapman | | Booktopia

The 6-week workshop. Plus 6 group remote healing sessions. Want to Use PayPal Credit? Because of the digital nature of this package, no refunds are given. Cardio-Vascular Heart Healing Seminar:. It reaches into the depths of all that impinges upon the C-V system causing illness and dis-ease Cathy brings in the highest frequency of vibrations for each individual and is Spirit guided in the direction each class takes making it unique and tailored for the individual and group.

Opening the Seal of Seal of Encodement

I highly recommend attending this program. He can now walk with much less discomfort. He's standing up straight again and his complexion is brighter. The painful expression has left his face. His shoulder is much better with just a little discomfort depending upon what he does.

Cathy Chapman

His fingers are more normal. I have witnessed tremendous healing when working with Dr Cathy. Her techniques are simple but powerful. She's helped me clear toxins from my physical body and remove harmful thoughts feeding an unhealthy belief system. I laugh when I find myself embracing people, activities and ideas unavailable to me before working with Cathy. I don't understand the physics behind her techniques but I trust her completely and thank God I found a "guide" who is completely rooted in love.

I love that we can combine this method with what we already know from previous learning, and that it is not a methodology set in stone. So Grateful to have been part of it. It was also a lot of fun, and it can be use to do everything from Self-healing, to healings on others, Long Distance healing and healing on Animals.

Thank you Cathy and Amma for this Wonderful course. About Dr. Cathy Chapman. Cathy Chapman is an explorer of spirituality and energy healing. There her learning expanded her knowledge about spirituality and mysticism.

Change your Encodements, Your DNA, Your Life by Amma Through & Cathy Chapman

Cathy Chapman shares with us the wisdom of Amma, the divine mother of the divine mothers. We learn how to breathe from our heart center and see through the eyes of love. I found this book immensely comforting and enlightening. I read parts of it again and again. Wherever this information comes from, it is wonderful guidance. I use her suggestions every day to enrich my life.

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I give this book five stars. I would give six if I could. Finally a book that tells me how to do things that I really can do.

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I have just started changing my encodements. I have moved from living in my head to living in my heart. I have never been able to find joy in my life largely to depression but now I have it. Its like I have finally found myself.

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I am able to experience who I really am. I am very grateful.

  1. Change Your Encodements, Your DNA, Your Life!.
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  4. If people could take encodements seriously, maybe life in the 3rd dimension would be different. Perhaps encodements is the real "secret" that so many are seeking. Search this site:.

    How CRISPR Changes Human DNA Forever

    Books Channeling. Take a look inside. Lana J. Frankel, Edna G. Steven M.