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Starting with php 5.

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You misunderstand the meaning of inheritance : there is no duplication of members when you inherit from a base class. Members are shared through inheritance, and can be accessed by derived classes according to visibility public, protected, private.


The difference between static and non static members is only that a non static member is tied to an instance of a class although a static member is tied to the class, and not to a particular instance. Thus, in your example, the static property has the correct value, according to principles of object oriented conception.

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Regarding the initialization of complex static variables in a class, you can emulate a static constructor by creating a static function named something like init and calling it immediately after the class definition. Inheritance with the static elements is a nightmare in php. It is "bar"!!! Keep this in mind and save your time when debugging. The simplest static constructor. Because php does not have a static constructor and you may want to initialize static class vars, there is one easy way, just call your own function directly after the class definition.

Hi, here's my simple Singleton example, i think it can be useful for someone. You can use this pattern to connect to the database for example. To check if a method declared in a class is static or not, you can us following code. PHP5 has a Reflection Class, which is very helpful. Or would those be waived since there is a preexisting ticket?

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Another advantage of flying Business class is when you fly with more than just yourself. So redeeming the biz award seats for two will obviously cost lesser than redeeming for one person if you are the only one that has the miles in the account. And you can substitute snack items during the main and pre-arrival meals, which is also good.

I know the mileage difference for AA is 12, and 20, for AS. Great snack menu, in particular for flights originating in Hong Kong. Kyle — Marginally so, yes. For me the big benefit of American over Cathay Pacific is they have wifi.

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  4. DJ — There is indeed sometimes phantom availability or a small discrepancy. Looking forward to seeing what you think, Lucky. CX will always be the safe choice when, as you say, you want to get from a to b comfortably. I suppose CX F is something people should attempt to try sooner than later due to a potential double-whammy of AA award chart devaluation and CX restricting award space for partners.

    Lie flat bed, good food presented in multi courses compared to the assembly line meals in coach , more personalized service from the FAs. First was really, really nice and I slept very well. But business class was also plenty good enough and I slept almost as well. JorgeC — 1 No pajamas or amenity kits in regional first class.

    Really do love them both. Alex — I love them both and it would be really hard to decide. And JL F on the way back. Seriously cannot wait for November. In the meantime, flying coach to Germany Friday. I have flown in CX J once and was more than comfortable in it, but after hearing so much about F, am stoked to have the chance to try F before redeeming AA miles for it becomes a near impossibility. Which airline that give Salvatore Ferragamo amenity kit in both F and J class passengers?? Any suggestions? If you book through Alaska you can do it on one award, however.

    I have the opposite experience. You used to get a full size bottle of Eau de Toilette. Loewe bag that differs depending on whether you are outbound from or inbound to TYO, which includes a small bottle of Loewe Eau de Toilette among the standard other amenities, as well as awesome Shiseido facial products.

    Lucky How about Salvatore Ferragamo amenity kits…which airline is it?

    As people mentioned before me- please make that top 10 list for F products as well as J. I would also encourage you to make a list of your least favorite which really helps us as well when choosing who to fly. Thanks Ben! Do you have a sort of procedure or mental thought process for ordering airplane food? Do you think that what you order is the best option given your knowledge of the airline? Or do you just hope for the best? I recently flew CX J long haul and Intra-Asia, and was somewhat surprised at the minuscule food portions.

    Has CX recently cut costs? The amenity kit was quite tacky as well. Mochi — Hmmm, interesting. WHen i did the search on BA, i looked for 1 person but no luck. Planning to use AA miles for the trip. Curious if am doing something wrong? Any advice would be appreciated. Lucky, what are my chances? I would like my mother to meet her only grandchildren a year from July, so I need four seats in each direction from Bangkok to Vancouver, plus one for a lap infant. Three plus a lap infant would also work if that is what I can get. Siem reap would be better , but I am asking for Bangkok as it is easier to get and also comparable with Alaska miles.

    A class constant, class property static , and class function static can all share the same name and be accessed using the double-colon. A :: B ; Outputs: ? In PHP, you use the self keyword to access static properties and methods. So which one should you use? It seems as though you can use more than the class name to reference the static variables, constants, and static functions of a class definition from outside that class using the The language appears to allow you to use the object itself. I would like to see it documented and supported as valid. Just found out that using the class name may also work to call similar function of anchestor class.

    Well, a "swiss knife" couple of code lines to call parent method. The only limit is you can't use it with "by reference" parameters.

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    It's worth noting, that the mentioned variable can also be an object instance. This appears to be the easiest way to refer to a static function as high in the inheritance hierarchy as possible, as seen from the instance. I've encountered some odd behavior while using static::something inside a non-static method. Just in case you were wondering if perhaps this was the way it's done.